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ASPRS announces certification of the First GIS/LIS technologist

Justin Carasick is the first GIS/LIS Technologist to complete the requirements for certification under the recently introduced American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) certification program for technologists.

Carasick specializes in GIS mapping, training, and programming. He is an ESRI authorized ArcGIS trainer and a Navy contractor. He performs master plan files, sets up maps for digitizing, topological overlays, conversion of various maps and data into a GIS, and data attribution. He has worked with NAVAC Southern Command – Marine Corps Air Station, Beufort, South Carolina, and Pensacola Naval Air Station. He has also assisted numerous county appraisers’ offices in Florida as a GIS Analyst and Programmer. Carasick has provided GIS training for the Gainsville, Florida Police, Fire & Rescue and Public Works Departments. He holds a BA in Geography from the University of Florida.

In October, 2003, ASPRS announced final approval of the new ASPRS certification program for technologists — specifically geared to drafting technicians, inspectors, photographers, laboratory technicians, stereoscopic instrument or plotter operators, computations technicians, field survey assistants, interpretation technicians, image analysts, data processors, and digitizers. This certification was instituted to give those working at the technologist level an opportunity to be recognized by ASPRS for their respective contributions.