ASPRS announces first Provisional Certifications

ASPRS announces first Provisional Certifications


Bethesda, USA, September 17, 2007: ASPRS announced the awarding of the first two provisional certifications for Mapping Scientist-GIS/LIS to Kibri Everett and Peter Muriuki. Everett was the first to receive this honor. Both awardees hold Masters Degrees from North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, their mentor at NCCU, commented that “Kibri and Peter are both outstanding students and I am thrilled that they were the first and second respectively, to receive the ASPRS provisional certificate in GIS.”

Everett stated that she “decided to pursue this certification to further her professional knowledge in the field of GIS and remote sensing. Preparing for the certification expanded her knowledge base and enhanced the skills she obtained from coursework and on-the-job training. This demonstrates to her employer that she is committed to becoming a professional in this field.” She is currently employed as an environmental scientist at RTI International, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Muriuki is a current student member of ASPRS and was recently employed as an Environmental technician with the ERICC Project, Durham, North Carolina.

The Provisional Certification Program was put in place by ASPRS in late 2006 and made available to graduating students in the spatial sciences who meet the educational and program requirements. The first of its kind, this program provides students with the opportunity to take the ASPRS certification exam as they are finishing their studies. ASPRS is working with universities that offer spatial technology education to implement this innovative program.

Eligible students can apply, pass peer review, and take the examination in their specialty (Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, or GIS/LIS) while still in school, and become “provisionally certified.” They then enter the workforce and when they meet the job experience requirements, they become fully certified.