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Aspectum redefines real estate evaluation via interactive maps

US: The California-based company Aspectum has released a high-detail interactive map that eases real estate investment decision making and accommodation in big cities. The solution implements various interactive map filters that highlight crucial property value factors such as parks and green zones, schools, stores, noise and air pollution levels, information on a building, parking places, and many more. The ultimate goal of the software was to provide real estate brokers and development companies with the ability to chose the right residence or office for their clients according to search requests as well as to optimize price evaluation of a given property.

 Aspectum is a company focusing on digital solutions for improved data visualization through geographic information systems. Aspectum partners with industry-leading companies in real estate, retail, smart city in North America and Europe for enhanced mapping that makes data more available and valuable.

What this solution exactly does? When it comes to noise and air pollution indicators, the application identifies traffic arterials, industrial areas, and transport hubs as the sources of discomfort and displays those (including buffer zones) on the map. At the same time, users can also incorporate the ‘green factors’ that have a positive impact on air quality from the ecological perspective.

Applying extra filters to the map interface enables real-estate decision making and provides a measure of comfort level for living. Thus, by adding parking lot availability information and the nearest public transport stations the solution facilitates the selection of office buildings and workspaces. Or, there are settings that highlight shopping centers, concert halls, bars, and other public spaces to hang out in. Another example shows how young families can also benefit from this software. Aspectum defines closest schools, children gardens, playgrounds, and kid-friendly spaces for parents to be able to select the right place for a marriage nest.

By putting these records on the map, PropTech companies, agencies or investors can create and broadcast unique real-estate offers based on public datasets and geospatial analytics.

“Such researches do not require using third-party datasets to perform. Baseline of the information needed can be acquired from open sources.” – Alexander Kryukov, CEO of Aspectum.