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Asian Conference on Remote Sensing in Nepal

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev has inaugurated the 23rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing amidst a function held here on Monday, 25 November.

Addressing the function, Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand said remote sensing and GIS can help enhance our understanding of our problems and potentialities, increase our capacity to mobilise natural resources and also minimise the risk of their over exploitation for one reason or another.”It is only through informed policy choice that we can meet the challenge facing us today, namely reducing poverty while not reducing our resource base,” the Prime Minister said.He said the sophistication, technology remains to be a means however, the end is the improvement in the quality of life of the people. “When we talk about the quality of life of the people, we can not ignore the fact that many people, in our part of the world live in a state of poverty. The life of those who live in mountainous regions is even miserable,” Chand said.While we could argue over the reasons for poverty, I think that our efforts to alleviate it have been constrained by many factors, especially a lack of knowledge and information to overcome the development challenges posed by difficult terrain conditions and depleting natural resources, among others”, he observed.
The Prime Minister stressed the need to further the efforts to facilitate the sharing of geo-based information both within Asia and beyond.”We need to co-operate in realising the potential of the remote sensing technology as presented by its various applications. We need to build our capacity together,” he said. General Secretary of Asian Association on Remote Sensing Shunji Murai , Chairman of International Society of Photographic Remote Sensing Prof. J.C. Trinder, secretary at the Ministry of Land Reform and Management Anant Raj Pandey and director general of department of survey Baburam Acharya also expressed their views on the occasion.The five0-day conference was jointly organised by the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Department of Survey and Asian association on Remote Sensing.Over 400 experts from 40 countries of the world have been participating in the conference.
More than 200 technical working papers will be presented at the conference where a total of 23 scientific stalls have also been displayed.