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ASI to use satellite mapping to protect monuments

India: The Archaelogical Survey of India is using satellite mapping technology to try and protect monuments for posterity, a top ASI official said.

Inaugurating the World Heritage week and declaring open a Photo exhibition, G Maheswari, superintending archaeologist of ASI, Chennai region, said steps had been taken to clarify rules under the Ancient Monuments, Archeological Sites Act of 2010.

Besides ambiguous interpretations, wilful violation of the rules have resulted in encroachments and damage to sites as in Pallavaram and Kadaperi and other places. “ASI will use satellite technology to identify such vandalised places,” she said.

On ASI reportedly halting work of civic amenities and preventing persons from carrying out improvements to homes in precincts of sites, she said ASI never hindered minor repairs or modifications to existing structures near the monuments.

Source: The Hindu