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Ashtech introduces MB 100 GNSS Board

Nantes, France: Ashtech announced the MB 100 GNSS Board, the world’s most compact dual frequency RTK OEM board. Designed for demanding applications, MB 100 is the only RTK capable board designed to address equally well L1 GPS+SBAS standard applications, L1/L2 GPS+SBAS and L1 GPS/GLONASS + SBAS applications.

The MB 100 measures 58mm x 56mm x 11mm and uses less than 0.8W of power. It features a variety of output messages and data formats for extensive OEM solution interoperability.  Embedded BLADE technology ensures better measurements from the GPS, GLONASS and SBAS constellations by perfectly mixing multiple observables.

The MB 100 may be operated either as a base or a rover and is available in various GNSS modes to match the needs of any customer. All modes are available in the same hardware package and are simply activated by firmware option activation. In addition, it features two antenna input connectors, with automatic switching between the two antennas for specific applications such as handheld integration.

First demonstration units will be available during this summer and volume shipments of the Ashtech MB 100 will begin in October, 2010.

Source: Ashtech