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Ashtech appoints distributor in Italy

Rescaldina, Italy: Ashtech has named ARVAtec SRL, distributor for Ashtech GIS mapping products in Italy.  ARVAtec SRL is headquartered in Rescaldina, Province of Milan. It will sell and support the full range of Ashtech GIS solutions, including the MobileMapper 100, MobileMapper 6 and MobileMapper CX.

According to Ashtech press release, ARVAtec is a young, fast-growing company specialising in GIS systems for GIS point and border determination uses, including agriculture, forestry, urban applications. It is active in a wide range of commercial sectors and public and research institutions.

Dr. Savio Landonio, Director and General Manager, ARVAtec, said, “We chose to represent the Ashtech line because Ashtech GIS products are flexible in their application and provide excellent value for the money.” Ashtech EMEA Sales Director, Jean-Marc Ferre said, “Italy is a booming market and we are excited to have the dynamic ARVAtec team representing us.”

Source: Ashtech