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Asbestos 3D mapping app passes national trial

Lucion Services has continued to develop its digital app that combines data from asbestos surveys with 3D modeling technology to improve safety and risk management assessments in buildings.

The NexGen app enables users to view a 3D image of a building, including floor-by-floor and room-by-room representations, and link the plans directly to the information that accurately highlights the presence of asbestos or other safety hazards.

As part of the ongoing development of the technology, the app has been successfully trialed with a national social housing provider involved in a large-scale property refurbishment programme.

Here the app has been used to produce 3D plans and drawings of the properties on a smartphone which are then populated in real-time by information from Lucion’s database as surveyors move from room to room, allowing the works to progress smoothly and quickly while reducing the risk of human error associated with the interpretation of paper-based plans.

In other applications, Lucion is collaborating with clients in the utility sector on the use of the technology as part of improved facilities and building management approaches.

Lucion’s NexGen BIM database already allows users to access asbestos and building safety information including site survey reports and historical data. Linking this to the 3D visualization of sites, buildings and individual rooms deliver new levels of detail for more accurate risk management considerations.

The next stage in the development of the NexGen app will see integrated 360° modeling to improve site viewing, and increased use in industrial applications such as factories and production facilities.