Arup to develop BIM for CERN particle accelerator

Arup to develop BIM for CERN particle accelerator


Australia, 26, 2014: Arup will develop a Building Information Modelling (BIM) tool as part of its contract from CERN to carry out conceptual design studies. The design studies will be conducted for tunnel and geotechnical engineering in a Future Circular Collider (FCC) study of CERN in in particle physics.

As a prime component of the project, Arup will create an early stage BIM tool to inform performance, risk and cost optimized options for a 100 km long, circular particle-accelerator tunnel.

Matt Sykes, project director at Arup said, “Using BIM this early on in the design process is invaluable. It allows us to make critical decisions using data that can be easily visualised, enabling the team to make decisions with a clear overview of the multiple, highly complex components of this ground breaking project.”

Arup is working jointly with CERN and project partners Amberg Engineering AG and Géotechnique Appliquée Dériaz S.A. (GADZ) to deliver the first phase of the conceptual design study for the new accelerator tunnel system.

Source: Arup