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Article analyzes the impacts of public policies for protecting environmental services and reducing poverty in the Amazon

Ecosystem services to reduce the social impacts caused by environmental changes were analyzed by researchers at the Center for Earth System Science of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

Public policies of an environmental nature for Amazon are highlighted in the article “Ecosystem protection and poverty alleviation in the tropics: Perspective from the historical evolution of policy-making in the Brazilian Amazon”, led by Patricia Pinho, INPE. The study included Jean P Ometto and Peter M Toledo, also from INPE, and researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK), e the Institute of Economic, Social and Environmental Development of Pará (IDESP) and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Check out the article at: https://www.inpe.br/noticias/arquivos/pdf/Pinho_2014_ES.pdf.

According to the authors, despite increased academic reflection on the links between ecosystem services and poverty reduction worldwide, little effort has been made to link these paradigms with the formulation of public policies in a regional context. The article addresses this issue by presenting perspectives on the historical evolution of policies related to environmental issues and their relationship to poverty issues in the Brazilian Amazon. For this, the researches had done an analysis of the political context and how the multilateral and international programs have influenced and helped to shape the national and regional policy developments on Amazon. The work also contains a table showing the analysis of policies that can be applied in other tropical countries.

Source: INPE