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Arizonian city embarks on flood risk mitigation

US: The Mohave County in Bullhead City, Arizona, is spearheading a GIS Accuracy Project to correct some inaccuracies in FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) new floodplain maps, which became effective in November. The project includes Mohave Valley and Golden Valley.

More accurate floodplain mapping will ensure that property owners buy flood insurance appropriate for their flood risk. It will also provide a means to identify and prioritise areas where more detailed flood studies are needed. Anyone erroneously placed in a FEMA floodplain can apply to FEMA for a rebate of one-year’s worth of insurance premiums.

The county has been working on the following projects; Mohave Valley Aerial Mapping Project, Golden Valley Aerial Mapping Project, Watershed Strategic Planning Study and the Mohave Valley Area Master Drainage Plan.

Source: Mohave Daily News