Home News Arithmetica unveils Pointfuse Pro at SPAR Europe

Arithmetica unveils Pointfuse Pro at SPAR Europe

Download PointfuseProAmsterdam: Arithmetica has unveiled Pointfuse Pro, a new version of its automated point cloud processing software that offers batch and simultaneous processing options. The company claims that Pointfuse Pro provides a fast, precise, yet flexible way of converting laser scanned point clouds into highly accurate vector models. Potential users can get their hands on an evaluation version of Pointfuse Pro from Arithmetica’s website allowing for the production and export of 3D models for use further down the workflow in third party software.

According to the company, Pointfuse is a powerful modelling engine that gives professionals an astonishingly fast, precise and flexible way of converting the vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into high fidelity vector models. Designed for engineers, architects and construction professionals, Pointfuse uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models which can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system.

Source: Sparpoint group