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Arithmetica launches 360 Degree video mapping software

Arithmetica releases 360 degree video mapping softwareUK, September 24, 2014: SphereVision 360 Degree Video Mapping Software has recently been released by Arithmetica.

The video mapping software vMap 360 helps users to blend 360 degree video images with technical drawings, maps, aerial photographs and floor plans.

The RouteView360 and vMap 360 video mapping software allow for the registration of 360 degree video imagery to maps, floor plans, aerial photography and even online mapping system such as Google Maps.

With RouteView 360 makes it is easy to automatically ntegrate 360 degree GPS stamped video imaging with traditional town plans, road maps, or more customised map data. It even offers immediate online interactive awareness of remote locations.

Mark Senior, Business Development Manager at Arithmetica said, "Our SphereVision 360 degree recording systems, including portable kits and mobile installations are suitable for use in all terrains and environments, releasing the power of video data capture to a wide range of applications and market sectors."

Source: Arithmetica