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ArcWeb Services maps Trimble Outdoors LBS blog

ESRI has announced recently that Trimble has deployed ESRI ArcWeb Services to supply mapping and geographic data for its Trimble Outdoors software applications for PCs and GPS-enabled mobile phones. The Trimble Outdoors service is an innovative trip planning, photomarking, and location-based blogging application that serves the outdoor enthusiast community. Trimble Outdoors leverages embedded GPS navigation and digital camera mobile phone features and combines the benefits of topographic, street, and aerial maps and trip planning software covering the United States.

ArcWeb Services supply mapping functionality and data to Trimble Outdoors mapping and trip planning software. By combining GPS technology with the ability to view maps and location-stamped photos on a mobile phone and on the Web, outdoor adventurers have everything they need to capture their experiences and share them with others- all within one lightweight and inexpensive mobile device. While on an adventure, users can take photographs, location- and time-stamp them, and share their adventures with others online at www.trimbleoutdoors.com.

To post to the online community and download specific trips, a subscription is necessary. Subscribers can view trip information by logging on to the Trimble Outdoors Web site and searching on a location in the United States. By selecting a particular trip, they connect to an ArcWeb Service that displays a topographic or aerial photograph or street map of the requested area, along with registered waypoints, photographs, and a trip log. Viewers can choose to pan around the map, zoom in, choose pictures to view, and send e-mails to friends and family containing the trip information. More than 1,500 trips are currently logged on the Web site.