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ArcWeb for Developers

ArcWeb for Developers provides a suite of SOAP-based ArcWeb Services that can be integrated easily into any Web or desktop application. With ArcWeb for Developers one can include GIS content and capabilities in the applications without hosting the data or developing any GIS applications, resulting in significant savings of development time, expense, and computer resources. From simple mapping to more complex tasks such as multipoint routing, ArcWeb for Developers makes developing lightweight, Web-enabled applications simpler and faster than ever before.

ArcWeb for Developers enables users to Access Dynamic Street, demographic, and topographic maps, shaded relief imagery, and more. Determine the locations of street addresses. Generate routes and multilingual driving directions between multiple locations. Provide place finder capabilities. Perform census demographics mapping and reporting. Upload user-defined points of interest for geocoding. ESRI hosts this data for you, so you don’t have to host it. Perform reverse geocoding. Do thematic mapping. Display maps using a choice of projections. And more. ArcWeb for Developers gives developers the ability to perform real-time processing on computers where Web services are located and return the results to a local application on the Internet. ArcWeb for Developers is deployed through Internet standards including HTTP, WSDL, UDDI, and XML. It uses XML-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate, making it compatible with the majority of Web service frameworks available.

Web Service Information
Available Services: Place Finder–Ranks a candidate list of place names and associated latitude/longitude coordinates for a given input place name.
Address Finder–Determines the latitude and longitude coordinates for street addresses.
Route Finder–Returns textual multilingual driving directions for a multipoint user-defined route.
Map Image–Provides access to a wide variety of dynamic maps.
Proximity–Returns all Points of Interest (POI) locations within a user-defined distance of a specified location (i.e., find all POIs within 5 miles of x,y) or determines the nearest specified number of POI locations to a specified location (i.e., find nearest 3 POIs to x,y).
POI Manager–Allows you to upload a custom set of points to ESRI, where they are geocoded and stored.
Query–Determines the physical, environmental, or cultural characteristics of a specific location.
Utility Service–Allows you to change the projection of your map image.
Account Info–Lets you use a SOAP interface to access your account information (such as usage statistics).