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ArcView 3.3 Now Available

ESRI is pleased to announce the release of ArcView 3.3. ArcView is a powerful tool for the management, display, query, and analysis of spatial information. Included in the ArcView 3.3 release are updates to the Projection Utility, the Database Access extension, the Report Writer extension, added data support, and updated ESRI Data & Maps 2002 CDs.

Key ArcView 3.3 Enhancements
The following key enhancements are included with the ArcView 3.3 release:

  • Improved ArcView Projection Utility—The updated ArcView Projection Utility offers up to three times faster projecting and reprojecting of shapefiles in addition to faster start-up times for the utility.
  • Expanded Database Access Extension—The Database Access extension expands the data reading capabilities of ArcView 3.3 by allowing it to connect to the latest ArcSDE 8.1 spatial data server. The Database Access extension also allows ArcView 3.3 to utilize the ArcSDE Direct Connect configuration option to connect to spatial data in Oracle or Microsoft’s SQL Server without an ArcSDE application server being present. Direct Connect with the Database Access extension requires an ArcSDE server connection license.
  • Enhanced Raster Support—At ArcView 3.3, raster support is improved with updates to the ERDAS IMAGINE and NITF Image Support extensions. The ERDAS IMAGINE Image extension adds the capability to read pyramid layers. Pyramid layers allow for quick display of very large images. The NITF Image extension has been enhanced to read all images in .ntf format as well as rotated NITF images. In, addition, the SDTS raster import utility has been updated to support the latest raster DEMs.
  • Added Data Support—ArcView 3.3 adds support for PC ARC/INFO 4.0 double-precision coverages and includes an updated CADReader to support AutoCAD 2000 DWG files (release 15), introduced at ArcView 3.2a.
  • Updated Report Writer Extension—ArcView 3.3 includes Crystal Decisions’ (formerly Seagate) Crystal Reports version 8.5. Web reports and integration with Microsoft Office are key new features of Crystal Reports 8.5.

Updated ESRI Data & Maps 2002 CDs
ArcView 3.3 includes the 2002 release of ESRI’s Data & Maps CDs with eight CDs of data. All the United States census-derived layers and attributes are current with Census 2000. All the county, city, place, tract, block group, and block locations are also updated with the most current TIGER or Geographic Data Technology (GDT) boundary files. World data has been updated to reflect recent changes in international boundaries and time zones.

ArcView 3.3 is available on Windows 98se/Me/2000/NT/XP. A subsequent release will be available for UNIX.