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ArcPad 6.0.1 and ArcPad Application Builder 6.0.1 available

ESRI has announced the release of ArcPad 6.0.1 and ArcPad Application Builder 6.0.1.

The latest release of ESRI’s mobile mapping and GIS technology addresses a number of key issues including a new map rotation tool, support for localized languages, improved symbology, and extensive enhancements to the ArcPad object model and the customization environment via ArcPad Application Builder.
ArcPad 6.0.1
Map rotation is a key new feature at 6.0.1 allowing users to set the map to display course up rather than north up. This is especially beneficial for users who rely on global positioning systems for navigation and data capture. The ArcPad user interface is available in many languages, significantly improving the localization of ArcPad. Localized versions of ArcPad 6.0.1 are currently available for the following languages: Bulgarian, simplified Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Additional languages will be available for download from the ESRI Web site after the initial release of ArcPad 6.0.1. ArcPad 6.0.1 also includes improved symbology, point symbol rotation, and support for 8-bit, 24-bit, and transparent PNG images.

ArcPad Application Builder 6.0.1
ArcPad Application Builder 6.0.1 offers users and developers new options for customizing ArcPad, allowing them to further meet their specific field data collection requirements. Enhancements to ArcPad Application Builder are made via the ArcPad object model and the extension’s application program interface (API). Extension layers can be made editable and all geometric objects in the ArcPad object model can be created and edited so that lines and polygons can be easily modified.

Introducing ArcPad StreetMap
After the initial release of ArcPad 6.0.1, ESRI would release ArcPad StreetMap, a new extension that provides high-quality street mapping, geocoding, and routing capabilities to mobile workers in the United States. Potential applications for ArcPad and the StreetMap extension include delivery vehicle routing, inspection planning, work order routing, inventory management, traveling salesperson routing, and incident reporting.