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ArcLogistics Route for workgroups now available

ESRI has announced the launch of a multi-user, server-based computing environment for ArcLogistics Route, its desktop routing and scheduling solution. By including Citrix® MetaFrame® software from Citrix Systems, Inc., with ArcLogistics Route, ESRI has enabled multiple users in a given organization to use the same work group license.

ArcLogistics Route is a fully interactive software application that helps businesses and organizations who deliver goods or services achieve dramatic cost savings, efficient routing and scheduling with on-time delivery, accurate driver accountability, and better customer service.

ArcLogistics Route for Workgroups can be licensed directly by fleet operators in a self-hosted environment. In addition, a lower cost of entry service option is available where software and hardware are externally hosted at a secure data centre with low up-front investment and a monthly service fee. Both options are financially attractive for larger organizations with five to 5,000 operating/dispatch centres.

Benefits of a Citrix server-based computing deployment include centralizing of software applications on the server, which results in lower implementation costs, and efficient, single-point administration of the complete solution.

Managers in business, state and local government, health and human services, utilities and telecommunications, and other types of organizations can benefit from the capabilities of ArcLogistics Route, which include the following:

  • Geocoding addresses by automatically finding and plotting addresses on a map.
  • Assigning stops to vehicles by taking into account the specialty of vehicles and drivers.
  • Building routes and sequencing stops based on actual street network and actual network drive time, not straight-line distances. Factors such as cost, capacity, and productivity are also considered.
  • Connecting to popular databases through the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard and directly to SAP R/3.
  • Outputting high-quality dispatcher summary reports, stop vicinity, route overview maps, street-level directions, and driver manifests.