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ArcIMS accelerated with Image Web Server using I-wizard

Earth Resource Mapping is pleased to announce the release of the freely available I-Wizard – a fast and simple application that allows users to seamlessly integrate Image Web Server imagery within an ArcIMSr 3.1 website.

Users can benefit from the real time image serving capabilities offered by Image Web Server directly within their ArcIMS Internet/intranet solution. The result provides the most complete raster/vector serving solution in the market today.

The I-Wizard provides significant advantages to users as they can edit ArcIMSr 3.1 web pages by utilising the speed and efficiency of Earth Resource Mapping’s Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) imagery served by Image Web Server. This ensures that any ArcIMS site can benefit from using any sized images within their environment. No longer are large image files a barrier to successful site implementation.

The I-Wizard also eliminates huge storage overheads for high-resolution imagery as the ECW images that are served into the ArcIMSr web-site use only a fraction of the space TIFF or other image files normally require.