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ArcIMS 9.2 now shipping

Redlands, USA, 21 December 2006 – ESRI has announced the availability of ArcIMS 9.2, which features many improvements including new ways to create Web mapping applications, enhanced performance, and improved security. At 9.2, ArcIMS makes it easier for anyone to serve better dynamic Web mapping applications.

ArcIMS 9.2 comes with the new ArcIMS Web Manager, which is a browser-based application that provides a step-by-step workflow for creating Web applications. With the ArcIMS Web Manager, users can configure services as well as functionality.

ArcIMS 9.2 also comes with a Web Application Developer Framework (ADF). The Web ADF can be used to create customized Web applications from scratch or edit the output from the ArcIMS Web Manager. It supports both the .NET and the Java platform.

The Web ADF and Web Manager both support the integration of multiple GIS services (e.g., ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, WMS, ArcWeb Services) in one Web application using the new multiservice architecture of ArcIMS.

Other highlights of this release include

– Improved user interface: Web site visitors benefit from faster map display (using AJAX technology), customizable map elements, updated map navigation tools, better searching, and the option to use MapTips.

– Faster metadata services: Document properties and information are cached for quick use in applications, and ArcCatalog features new metadata capabilities. In addition, a new Metadata Explorer is more efficient to customize. At version 9.2, ArcIMS continues its conformance to the ISO 19139 metadata standard.

– Improved performance and security: The spatial server stops processing a request if the application server times out, and the instances are available more quickly for new requests. New options are also available to set restrictions on data downloading.

– Easier installation: There are separate installs for the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Java platform. In addition, documentation is more accessible and has been enhanced with new content and better organization.

ArcIMS 9.2 is fully backward compatible, meaning that all applications created with ArcIMS 9.1 will work in ArcIMS 9.2 without alteration.

Existing ArcIMS users who are current on maintenance will receive a copy of ArcIMS 9.2 as well as a copy of ArcGIS Server Standard Edition, which supports 2D dynamic and cached mapping as well as 3D (globe) visualization.