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ArcIMS 4 now available in Canada

ESRI Canada has announced the availability of ArcIMS 4 in Canada. With the release of ArcIMS 4, ESRI offers major new enhancements to the software in addition to new ArcIMS extensions.

ArcIMS is ESRI’s solution for distributing mapping and GIS data and services on the Web. It is a powerful, scalable, standards-based tool that lets you quickly design and manage Internet mapping services.

One of the most significant features included in ArcIMS 4 is the ability to create a central repository for publishing and browsing metadata over the Internet, in conjunction with ESRI’s ArcSDE and ArcGIS Desktop. Metadata can easily be authored using the ArcGIS ArcCatalog application, published to a metadata server, and then quickly searched by others. Along with ArcIMS software’s metadata services, users also receive the Metadata Explorer, which is a Java Server Pages (JSP) application that can be used to build a customized, browser-based means of searching for data.

As part of ESRI’s strategy of offering more GIS capabilities for the Java developer, ArcIMS now comes with a Java Connector, which allows developers to program Java clients and Java applications that use a set of JavaBeans. A new object model, JSP tag libraries based on the new object model, and a full range of samples are included. ArcIMS 4 also includes new JSP-based administration tools along with the standard HTML-based tools for greater flexibility and cross-platform support.

ArcIMS 4 supports two new optional extensions: the ArcIMS ArcMap Server and the ArcIMS Route Server. The ArcMap Server ties ESRI’s ArcGIS family of products and ArcIMS more closely together. ArcMap Server allows files created in the ArcGIS ArcMap application to be shared over the Internet using ArcIMS.