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ArcGIS Online from ESRI

Redlands, USA, July 23, 2007: ArcGIS Online provides a series of 2D map services and 3D globe services globally that ArcGIS users can combine with their local data to support their GIS work. These ready-to-use services can be accessed with any ArcGIS application, including ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS Online basemaps and reference layers are cartographically authored and support multiple-scale display. ArcGIS Online basemaps can be used as background or overlay layers for locally created and maintained datasets.

ArcGIS Online currently includes a collection of 2D basemaps and 3D globes, such as satellite imagery for the world; a natural Earth physical map; a digital version of the Political World map from National Geographic’s Atlas of the World; a seamless, multiscale street map; and a historical world map from the David Rumsey collection. Under the current beta program, users can connect to and use all content free of charge. Later, there will be additional premium content available for a fee.

Combining user content with ArcGIS Online enables the ArcGIS user community to quickly and easily author maps for a variety of applications, such as city planning, cadastral management, mineral exploration, environmental management, disease monitoring, and hydrography.