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ArcGIS Engine comes from ESRI

ESRI has announced the release of ArcGIS Engine – a component-based GIS development framework. The product has been created in response to users’ requests that the technology of ArcGIS be made available to incorporate spatial functionality in new or existing applications, says the company’s release.

With the new ArcGIS Engine, developers can efficiently build stand-alone applications, enhance existing applications with ArcGIS Engine components and controls, and embed ArcGIS Engine functionality in commercial applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Functionally, ArcGIS Engine applications can vary from simple map viewers to complex custom GIS editing and analysis programs, all with a custom user interface.

Highlights of ArcGIS Engine include

• A standard GIS framework, ArcObjects, on which the ArcGIS family is built

• Cost-effective deployment of desktop applications

• Software component libraries featuring a rich set of GIS functionality

• Visual developer controls available in ActiveX, .NET, and Java that simplify prototyping and programming

• A choice of standard developer languages including COM, .NET, Java, and C++

• Extensive developer resources including object models, utilities, samples, and documentation