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ArcGIS Defense Solutions 9.2 now available

USA, 2 February 2007 – ESRI has announced the availability of ArcGIS Defense Solutions 9.2. The ArcGIS Defense Solutions software consists of ArcGIS Military Analyst and Military Overlay Editor (MOLE). The pair of products assists in command and control, battlefield management, intelligence gathering, mission planning, incident planning and response, search and rescue, and defense and intelligence geospatial analysis.

ArcGIS Military Analyst provides display and analysis tools to help in defence and intelligence planning. At 9.2, the software includes updated features and new functions. Using ArcGIS Military Analyst is simpler with the addition of a new Options dialog box, expanded coordinate conversion, and data display capabilities. Users and system developers can now improve their custom applications with a new application programming interface (API) and a suite of geoprocessing tools.

MOLE allows users and developers to easily create, display, and edit military symbology including tactical graphics and the location of forces. MOLE provides support for warfighting symbology in accordance with MIL-STD-2525B. With the release of 9.2, MOLE also supports North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO’s) APP-6A specification. MOLE at 9.2 includes many performance and stability enhancements, in addition to expanded capabilities.

Users of ArcGIS Desktop with an ArcInfo 9.2, ArcEditor 9.2, or ArcView 9.2 license can use ArcGIS Defense Solutions. Alternately, developers who deploy ArcGIS Engine can incorporate the ArcGIS Defense Solutions tools into their custom applications. ArcGIS Defense Solutions are available as a free download to current EDN Program subscribers or to individuals or organizations with ArcGIS Desktop products. For more information or to download, visit www.esri.com/defense-solutions.