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ArcGIS 9.1 schematics features integration and enhanced productivity

ESRI is currently shipping ArcGIS 9.1 schematics. This extension to ArcGIS allows users to generate, visualize, and manipulate diagrams from their data. ArcGIS Schematics provides the tools to work with data from almost any geometric network or tabular format with “from” and “to” connectivity in a wide variety of geographic and schematic representations. It also automates the generation of schematic diagrams from spatial and nonspatial data, and changes to the data are reflected in the schematic diagrams.

At ArcGIS 9.1, the ArcGIS Schematics extension is tightly integrated into the ArcGIS applications. Users can use the ArcGIS standard tools to navigate both their schematics and maps and integrate both on a single map output. Schematics are now stored and managed in the geodatabase, allowing users to better share and edit their diagrams within their organization.

New features for ArcGIS 9.1 Schematics include display of diagrams as a layer in ArcMap to simplify the user interface and the printing of diagrams. This also allows users to place a diagram on top of base map layers if desired. Functionality can be undone or redone to allow users to undo or redo changes made to a diagram. It also includes consolidated tools and toolbars to simplify the user interface. All information is stored and managed in a geodatabase for ease of integration, editing, and multiple user access.