Home Business Awards ArcFM and Designer win award at 2002 ESRI business partner conference

ArcFM and Designer win award at 2002 ESRI business partner conference

ESRI, a provider of geographic information system software, and Miner & Miner have announced that ArcFM and Designer were awarded the distinction of Best of Show in the ESRI ArcGIS Challenge Contest. This distinction reflects the fact the Miner & Miner’s two products received the highest cumulative ranking from the judges taking into account total scores in all three categories in the contest.

The ArcGIS Challenge Contest was designed to highlight ESRI business partners who have developed solution products based on ArcGIS, ESRI’s flagship GIS software. The contest was judged at the 2002 ESRI International Business Partner Conference held in Palm Springs, California, February 24-26, 2002.

Miner & Miner’s ArcFMä 8.x is a complete out-of-the-box enterprise GIS solution. It is a powerful extension to ArcGIS allowing electric, gas, and water utilities to manage and map multiple networks in a single, integrated environment. ArcFM supports the vertically integrated enterprise, making it easy to view, edit, map, and manage spatial data in a multi-utility context. Functionality such as map production, feeder management, feature favorite creation, composite feature design, cathodic protection tracing, per phase tracing, and many more, allow utilities to realize improved productivity. It fits into the overall information technology architecture of modern utilities through open databases, industry-standard programming environments, and Component Object Model (COM) architecture.