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Aquatic Science in Australia to procure SuperField 3

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that the Aquatic Science in Australia selected SuperField 3 through Cody Corporation, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand. Aquatic Science aims to use SuperField 3 in aquatic surveys including underwater inspection, engineering and mapping, etc.
Designed for lightweight field-workers who require basic GIS tools, SuperField 3 enables fundamental GIS capabilities, such as map navigation and feature editing, etc. With intuitive interface and compatibility with mobile devices supporting .NET CF 2.0 SP2 and higher, this mobile GIS software fulfils the need for basic survey in a standalone environment and lessens the burden of manipulation.
In addition, the company announced that SuperGIS Network Server 3.0 Beta is going to be available very soon. It will adopt the all new SuperNetObjects 3.0 as the core, enhance the analysis function and accelerate the operation. It will provide multiple analysis functions on server end, such as Shortest Path, Superior Route Planning, Closest Facilities, Service Area, Minimum Spanning Tree, Center Problem, Median Problem, and VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem), etc. It can also cooperate with SuperGIS Server 3 to publish the analysed results as graphic data and attribute data on map websites.
Source: SuperGeo – Link1 & Link2