Applied Data Consultants licenses NAVTEQ data for delivery of over 132 million...

Applied Data Consultants licenses NAVTEQ data for delivery of over 132 million telephone books in US


Chicago, USA, 25 October 2006 – NAVTEQ, a provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, has been selected by Applied Data Consultants, Inc. to license its U.S. street map data for enhanced phone book distribution in 2007.

Last year, Applied Data Consultants was responsible for the delivery of 27 million telephone books in 39 states across the United States. The program will now use NAVTEQ map data to create the most efficient routes throughout every state in the nation, anticipating delivery of over 132 million telephone books.

The NAVTEQ map database is licensed through American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi), a distributor of NAVTEQ map data. Applied Data Consultants, a developer of phone book delivery routing programs, relies on NAVTEQ maps to develop its software programs for use in delivering phone books. Phone books are delivered to individuals and businesses.

“The use of NAVTEQ map data has provided Applied Data Consultants with advantage of creating routes with up-to-date data available,” said Jim Ward, Executive Vice President of Applied Data Consultants. “To that end, we rely heavily on American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi) to provide updated NAVTEQ data to us on a quarterly basis.”

Applied Data Consultant’s Automated Delivery Zone Mapping and Routing (ADZMAR) software application geocodes customer records to NAVTEQ map data, separated by zip code, and runs it through a complex program to create delivery routes reaching a specified target route size. The phone book delivery project scope varies from 1,100 delivery sites (Lake of the Ozarks, MO) to over four million records (Houston, TX) in 39 states. Last year, over 500 project areas were mapped by Applied Data Consultants.

“Receiving new customer locations quickly is a challenge in densely populated communities with rapid growth,” states Ward. “NAVTEQ maps are updated quarterly, which helps Applied Data Consultants yield strong geocode rates that are usually in the upper 90% range. This, in turn, has kept our program on the cutting edge of routing technology.”

– About American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi)
American Digital Cartography, Inc. is a authorized distributor for NAVTEQ data. From the company’s headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, ADCi’s staff has provided digital mapping products and services since 1988.

– About Applied Data Consultants
As one of the largest GIS consulting firms in the Midwest, Applied Data Consultants (ADC) provides a full range of services to local, state, and federal governments and private companies. Technical services provided include rural addressing, digital mapping, data development, web hosting, and training and support. As an ESRI Business Partner, ADC provides custom application development services in a variety of environments including ArcGIS, ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server.