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Apple’s new patent points to enhanced map service

US: An Apple patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests the company may be looking to build out its mapping service, as the filing describes a printing function not currently supported by the iOS.

Apple”s “Systems and methods for printing maps and directions” patent filing discusses a process of printing out on paper, navigation and mapping assets stored on a computer or portable device. While identical systems have existed for some time, Apple”s Maps app has yet to support the functionality.

The invention calls for a device to print out directions based on a request to do so, laying out a map overview and distinct steps along the route for easier navigation. As per the patent filing, “The resulting printout can include a listing of turns, a map overview, and notes that a user may have wished to include in the printout. Printouts provided by existing devices, however, are often cluttered or poorly laid out, and can be confusing. The pagination of many printouts often separate the graphical representation of the route from the list of turn-by-turn directions.”

Source: Apple Insider