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Apple wins patent right of Schematic Maps

US: The US Patent & Trademark Office assigned patent right of ‘Schematic Maps’ to Apple. The patent involves systems and methods for preparing and presenting schematic maps. Inventors of these maps are Jaron Waldman and Moran Ben-David.

The Schematic Maps first determines the amount of screen real estate that is available to the user, i.e. iPhone users will have less screen real estate compared to a user on an iPad or the 27” Apple Cinema LED Display. The map then emphasises certain landmarks or roads which would allow users to quickly take notice of. Through this design, Apple is hoping that the information provided will be more accurate as opposed to a heavily populated map that provides unnecessary information that may confuse the user.

For example the map would give users the option to “distort” the map, thus displaying only the relevant information such as landmarks or roads, thus uncluttering the screen which will make it easier for users with smaller devices to navigate.

Analysing the fierce competition between iOS and Android, and the latest patent acquisition, experts believe that Apple may eventually move away from Google Maps and come up with something on their own.

Source: www.freepatentsonline.com & www.ubergizmo.com