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Apple Maps gains transit in Rio de Janeiro ahead 2016 Olympics

Brazil: Mapping services come in handy when one is in a foreign city, particularly because they tend to have public transit directions as well, and Apple has just flipped the switch on transit directions for Rio de Janeiro ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Indeed Rio appears to be the first city in Brazil, and many nations around the world still lack any coverage. Public transit directions for Rio de Janeiro cover the city’s subway, bus and light/commuter rail lines. Even ferry boats are covered so visitors will be able to map their entire journey on public transport using Apple Maps without much hassle.

Support for transit directions is likely to continue growing throughout the year, as it should for other features of Maps, like 3D Flyover imagery and real-time traffic data. Rio de Janerio is the first city in Brazil which is now supported for public transit directions in Apple Maps. The company has been focusing on major cities for transit directions, a feature that arrived a bit late on the company’s mapping service, it’s biggest rival Google Maps has had this feature for quite some time now.

Apple will continue to add support for public transit directions for more major cities to Apple Maps, but it’s going to take a considerable amount of time before it covers at least all major cities. It slowly but surely getting there.

Source: Apple Insider