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Apple Korea may face USD 25.5 mn location suit

Korea: In June 2011, a Korean court put the brakes on the arbitrary use of location-based services (LBS) by Apple. The court ordered Apple Korea to pay approximately USD 943 to a litigant for its unauthorised tracking and storing of his location data. Now, a new location suit is reportedly seeking class action, aims to bring similar settlements to some 27,800 other individuals.
More than 27,800 Koreans have signed up to file a class action lawsuit against Apple Korea for breach of privacy to pave the way for a legal battle that may cost the company as much as USD 25.5 million. 
Miraelaw, a law firm, will be representing the plaintiffs. The firm is considering  to file the suit against Apple Korea by the middle of this month at the latest. The firm is also considering sending lawyers to Apple Inc.’s headquarters in California, US.
Source: The Korea Herald