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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak forms mobile start-up

Steve Wozniak, who helped usher in the personal computer era when he co-founded Apple Computer Inc., emerged from semiretirement Wednesday with plans to create new wireless devices to help ”everday people track everyday things.” Wozniak, who in 1976 created the first Apple computers with high school friend Steve Jobs, said he has formed a new company called Wheels of Zeus, or wOz, a play on his nickname. The computer industry’s most famous garage tinkerer said he believes the time is right to develop a new class of consumer electronics to take advantage of advances in satellite tracking, wireless networks and more powerful computer chips.

“Recent advances in global positioning software (GPS) systems and antenna technology coupled with the declining cost of processing power and two-way networking make the possibilities for new devices and services really exciting,” Wozniak said in a statement. A report in the New York Times Wednesday said Wozniak would not immediately announce what products he is developing. A spokesman for the company was not immediately available to comment further.

The wOz statement suggested more details on the company would be found at https://www.woz.com. But visitors to the site were redirected to Wozniak’s personal site at https://www.woz.org, where no details on wOz were available.