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Apple acquires Spotsetter

US: Apple reportedly has purchased the map service, Spotsetter in order to compete with Google Maps. Spotsetter was designed by former Google Maps engineer, Stephen Tse and Johnny Lee, a former Samsung consultant.

Very similar to how Foursquare functions, Spotsetter takes recommendations and reviews from friends in order to create a personalized social map that caters to individual users. Spotsetter can be synced with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help formulate recommendations and reviews.

While it is not clear how much Apple has invested in the acquisition, the company surely has added Spotsetter to bolster its mapping services. Apple has acquired number of startups in recent years, picking up more than two dozen companies in the last year alone. Several of those acquisitions, including Hopstop, Locationary and Embark, are being viewed as efforts to improve on its Maps product.

Source: Mashable