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US firm, Applanix Corporation, introduced the latest version of its DSS Digital Sensor System. The new system incorporates a next-generation CCD, and single-axis azimuth mount, that maximize the DSS system’s capabilities in generating high-quality digital imagery for the aerial survey and remote sensing industry.

The DSS is a medium format, digital airborne remote sensing system, using Integrated Inertial technology to produce georeferenced color and color infrared (CIR) imagery. The system’s new super-fast digital chip delivers a 2.5 second cycle time for rapid data capture, together with enhanced pixel dynamics.

The newly included azimuth mount is designed to remove the effects of yaw drift (crab) on the imagery, induced by flying in crosswind conditions. “Capturing aerial images in a crosswind positions the sensor in a sub-optimal orientation, requiring the capture of additional frames to maintain proper image overlap,” Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products at Applanix explained. “Using the azimuth mount, the DSS camera is accurately and automatically re-positioned, allowing individual images and complete flight lines to be captured parallel to each other as if the aircraft was pointing straight along the ground track vector.”