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Applanix releases POSPac AIR 4.3

Applanix recently announced the release of POSPac AIR 4.3, the latest update to its airborne data post-processing software. Exclusively developed for the aerial survey and remote sensing industry, the customized software incorporates a series of application-specific tools for systems using the company’s POS AV (Position and Orientation System, Airborne Vehicles) Direct Georeferencing technology. Application-specific toolsets include Photogrammetry Tools for system calibration and quality control of Direct Georeferencing for frame cameras, DSS Tools for mission management and image development of DSS imagery, and SAR Processing Tools for use with SAR. Several new enhancements to the GPS aided inertial navigation processing tools have also been added, including improved coordinate transformations and simultaneous multiple base station processing in POSGPS via a single, simple step.