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Applanix releases POS MV V4

Applanix has announced the release of its new POS MV V4 (Position and Orientation System for Marine Vessels). Canadian company Applanix, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble. It develops, manufactures, sells and supports precision products that measure the position and orientation of vehicles in dynamic environments. Based on the company’s integrated inertial technology, V4 is designed to increase operational capability and system performance, when undertaking multibeam sonar survey operations. Engineered to operate under the most challenging marine conditions, a number of key components have been incorporated into V4 to enhance the existing capabilities of the POS MV, and provide robust solutions for the marine survey industry. This includes Trimble’s latest Maxwell Custom L1/L2 GPS technology and the Zephyr geodetic antenna, which allows for super-accurate horizontal and vertical measurement, together with a marked improvement in low elevation tracking performance.

The new POS MV combines a number of improvements primarily in the areas of real-time performance, faster response times and totally reliable raw data logging with microsecond-accurate time stamping. Based on the integration of GPS and inertial technology, the tightly-coupled configuration allows the GPS receiver to serve as a source of observables and provide additional aiding to the inertial navigation system. Raw GPS data from as few as one satellite can be processed directly within the POS MV reducing position drift and RTK re-acquisition time. Hydrographic surveying can now be undertaken much more effectively, particularly in areas where GPS reception is compromised by multipath effect and signal loss, such as close to offshore structures, or in ports and harbors.