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Applanix introduces POSPac AIR v4.4

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, 17 February 2007 – Applanix has introduced POSPac AIR Version 4.4, the latest release of the company’s post-processing software used to extend the accuracy potential of the POS AV system.

Designed to maximize data quality and optimize workflow from project planning through to project completion, POSPac AIR 4.4 is specifically configured for the airborne environment and is compatible with a variety of aerial sensors.

New processing features are a big part of the new POSPac AIR Version 4.4 release, including a new dual frequency single point carrier phase processing algorithm for Precise Point Positioning (PPP). PPP is a Global Positioning System (GPS) processing technique that uses precise ephemeris data to help solve for the floated carrier phase ambiguities without the need for base stations. This is ideal for remote areas that do not have dense reference station coverage. Typical accuracies range from 10cm to 50 cm, depending upon mission conditions.

POSPac AIR Version 4.4 also includes updated integer GLONASS processing capabilities that enables both GPS and GLONASS satellites to be used in Kinematic Ambiguity Resolution (KAR) for faster and more reliable fixes with cleaner trajectory processing. GLONASS processing allows a user to process GLONASS L1 and L2 observables along with the L1 and L2 GPS observables to produce the final integer carrier phase DGPS solution.

For airborne surveying, this can provide an advantage by reducing periods of poor dilution of precision (DOP), particularly at high latitudes, thereby extending the survey window for highest accuracy surveying.

POSPac AIR 4.4 combines maximum direct georeferencing accuracy with the exact tools needed for efficient application to remote sensing, LIDAR, and photogrammetric map production.

POSPac AIR 4.4 is expected to be available early in the second quarter of 2007 through the Applanix sales network.

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Established in 1991, Applanix (www.applanix.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble, develops, manufactures, sells and supports precision products that accurately and robustly measure the position and orientation of vehicles operating in dynamic environments. Applanix’s Position and Orientation Systems ( POS) are used in a variety of applications, including road profiling, GIS data acquisition, aerial surveying and mapping, railroad track maintenance and seafloor mapping.