Home News Applanix introduces on-board OmniSTAR XP corrections for its POS AV Product

Applanix introduces on-board OmniSTAR XP corrections for its POS AV Product

Richmond Hill, Ontario – Applanix announced today that its POS AV products now support on-board OmniSTAR XP real-time differential GPS corrections using a purpose-built GNSS+L Band aircraft antenna and an embedded BD960 GNSS receiver. “The improved position accuracy obtained using OmniSTAR XP can save time and money for many types of mapping applications,” said Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products at Applanix. “Enabling the on-board support in our POS AV products ensures our customers can take advantage of this with even less up-front cost.” OmniSTAR XP is a Satellite Based Augmentation Service (SBAS) that provides real-time corrections for GPS signals in order to improve positioning accuracy. Until now, Applanix POS AV users needed to add an external SBAS receiver and mount a separate L-Band antenna on the aircraft fuselage to receive these corrections.

Now with the on-board capability and single GNSS+L Band antenna, the benefits of SBAS corrections can be obtained without the inconvenience and extra cost of having to source and install third party components. Users only need to install their POS AV system as usual and configure it with an ‘XP’ subscription purchased directly from OmniSTAR. Subscription details and coverage maps can be found at www.omnistar.com.

POS AV products with support for on-board OmniStar XP are available immediately through the Applanix sales network.