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Applanix DSS Airborne Sensor is ArcGIS Image Server ready, step towards full on-demand interoperability

Ontario, Canada, 8 August 2006: Applanix’ DSS Airborne Digital Sensor System has transferred and rapidly processed geo-referenced imagery using the newest ArcGIS Image Server in preparation for formal demonstration at the 26th Annual ESRI International User Conference, August 5-8, 2006, in San Diego, California. Orthophotos derived from the Applanix DSS directly georeferenced imagery and the USGS DEM were produced and shared via ArcGIS Image Server in less than eight hours after the flight. This represents a significant step towards full on-demand interoperability between industry leading airborne remote sensing systems and the latest geospatial data server technology.

Geospatial data stored within the ArcGIS Image Server – raw georeferenced DSS image data, processed orthophotos, DEMs, etc. – can be accessed, processed, and distributed locally or via the web at any given time, even while the server supports a multitude of simultaneous users.

The Applanix DSS is suitable for airborne remote sensing applications that require a fast processing and cost-effective solution for digital imaging. The DSS 322 is comprised of an integrated POS AV Direct Georeferencing System, a Medium format True Color and CIR Digital Imager with Yaw stabilized Azimuth mount, a ruggedized data logger and pressurized drive, a built in Flight Management System (FMS), and imagery and POS AV data post-processing software. A mapping-quality alternative to large-format digital cameras, the DSS is designed to generate high-quality color and CIR directly georeferenced digital imagery that produces an accurate and radiometrically consistent product with 0.05m to 1m GSD.