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Applanix and Trimble make a winning combination

Applanix, a provider of inertial systems technology (INS), recently coupled with Trimble’s core GPS technology, to promise greater position accuracy in situations where trees, topography or tall buildings obstruct satellite transmission. Inertial sensors don’t have dependencies like GPS, are self-contained and rely on gyros and accelerometers inside the system to providing positioning information. The combination of GPS with INS will improve the performance level for those customers engaged in surveying, construction, forestry and other key industries.

Applanix shall complement Trimble’s core positioning technologies, which include: lasers which help you determine an elevation of a plane or a point; GPS which gives you a 3D position and then we have optical total stations which are – when you are driving down the road and see a surveyor looking through an eye piece that’s a total station; we have advanced technology called robotic total stations that allow the user to manipulate that total station without looking through the eyepiece. When one sees someone looking through the eyepiece there’s always someone on the other end with a pole and prism. Robotic technologies enable remote control from the range pole, and it doesn’t need someone looking through the eyepiece and the total station is controlled remotely from the pole.