APOS Systems becomes ESRI’s gold partner

APOS Systems becomes ESRI’s gold partner


Canada: ESRI Canada and APOS Systems – provider of SAP BusinessObjects solutions, have signed an agreement to become a gold-tier partner under the new ESRI Partner Network Program. The partnership will allow APOS to offer enhanced solutions that integrate ESRI’s GIS technology with SAP business intelligence (BI) solutions.

“ESRI technology is a logical complement to our solutions,” said Allan Pym, Vice President, Sales, APOS. “It’s the gold standard in GIS and takes business intelligence to the next level by allowing our customers to analyse data geographically and visualise trends using maps. There are many synergies between SAP BusinessObjects and ESRI technology and we look forward to helping our customers optimise their business performance by leveraging these two industry-leading solutions.”

APOS’ portfolio includes the APOS Location Intelligence Solution, which allows bi-directional integration between SAP BusinessObjects and ESRI’s ArcGIS technology. The solution allows GIS users to view documents stored in their organisation’s BI system using ArcGIS, while BI users can embed geographic data and maps in their reports, integrate GIS functionality into dashboards and portals, and leverage the full functionality of ArcGIS within their SAP system.

The solution is also offered in a hosted environment as a cloud-based service. This allows organisations to cost-effectively deploy integrated GIS and BI capabilities for better business analysis and decision making. The company also provides the APOS Live Viewer that integrates ESRI map services into SAP BusinessObjects.

“ESRI technology brings the important context of ‘where’ to business data analysis,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “The technology seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems and helps break down silos. This allows businesses to maximise the value of their data by integrating it into applications and business processes without significantly changing workflows.”

Source: ESRI Canada