ANZ Conference 2010 remembers George Goyder

ANZ Conference 2010 remembers George Goyder


Australia: ANZMapS, the Australian and New Zealand Map Society held their annual conference in Adelaide, Australia. The conference recalled George Goyder, a famous surveyor-general of South Australia during 1861-93, according to JOL blog. Goyder is also known for a quote, “this country is nomadic.” He analysed the patterns of South Australian climate and drew his famous line that delineated the areas of rainfall and suitability of the state for agriculture.

The title of the conference was Mapping Climate: an Environment for Change. The conference papers were delivered by cartographers, historians, scientists and librarians. The conference was officially inaugurated by the Dr John Bannon AO, the former South Australian Premier (1982-1992) who is also a respected historian. His paper entitled Highly Favoured by Nature? Mirageous South Australia, was an informative introduction to the non South Australians.

JOL blog has counted papers by Maggie Patton, Map Librarian, Mitchell Library and Martin Woods, the Curator of Maps at the National Library of Australia as the most interesting papers. Woods through his paper, The National cartographic collection as a resource for climate analysis, discussed the uses of older, historic maps and their use when looking at climate change – he mentioned some Queensland maps held here at the State Library that have their uses for mapping climate. One such map is the 1900 Queensland Artesian Waters map which shows towns, rivers, some physical features and artesian waters. Martin also mentioned the wonderful Atlas of the colony of Queensland, Australia, 1865 and the old and new series of the Queensland 4 Mile Series published from the 1930-s through to the 1970’s (also held at SLQ).

Maggie’s paper, Primary evidence- rare surveys of Eastern Australia from the Sir William Dixon Collection, looked at the incredible map collection held in the Mitchell Library of the State Library of New South Wales. This collection is currently being digitised.

The Conference attendees also enjoyed a guided tour of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia. This is housed in the beautiful Mortlock wing of the State Library.

Source: John Oxley Library