Antrix revenues at USD 89 million, ISRO expects to maintain growth

Antrix revenues at USD 89 million, ISRO expects to maintain growth


India, 17 December 2006 – Antrix Corporation, the commercial wing of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) would earn Rs. 400 crore (USD 89 million) this year through launching satellites for other countries and selling space products. The space agency’s commercial arm has roughly about 25 per cent growth over the last year.

“For this year, Antrix’s total turnover is roughly about Rs. 400 crore. Out of which Rs. 200 crore comes from launch vehicle area and remaining from space products, including the transponders we are leasing and the images we are sending,” ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair told a news agency.

The space agency expects that it would maintain more or less similar growth in the coming year as well. ISRO is also planning further commercialisation of its launch vehicle technology, but that depends on the bilateral relation between Indian and other countries.

“Our cost is about 70 per cent of that of international cost. We will have a big advantage. But many times, the launch vehicle business is also depend on the current bilateral relationships,” Nair said. According to industry estimates, the launch vehicle technology market is valued at about USD 2 billion globally.

Established in 1992 for commercial exploration of product and services from the Indian space programme, 75 per cent of Antrix’s revenue comes from abroad.