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Anti-gang technology could help curb bike violence

Australia: Cutting-edge mapping technology used to take on violent gangs in the US could assist South Australian crime fighters in the state’s bikie war, according to a visiting international law enforcement expert.

Twenty-eight year police veteran and former criminal profiler Mike King – now a law enforcement expert with global GIS giant Esri – has been invited to Australia to advise SA police and investigators on how the technology can be used locally to fight violent crime.

Drawing on examples in the US, where modern mapping technology has helped diminish gang crime in a number of cities, King will discuss how to tackle the state’s recent spate of outlaw bikie-related crime and fraud.

“Gang activity and associated data, when properly recorded and managed through GIS technology, allows law enforcement agencies to better understand gang movement, motivation and methodology,” said King.

“Investigators can gain incredibly powerful insights into a situation when they map behavioural and physical factors with other data sources, such as gang boundaries or turfs, demographics and crime statistics.

“This provides police commanders with authoritative, actionable intelligence that can be used to accurately track the criminal activities and movements of gang members.

“For example, in Ogden, Utah, GIS technology was part of a police response that led to new laws making gang member associations illegal.

“After several months of increased police efforts and monitoring the situation with the technology, crime and gang related incidents were reduced substantially.

“There is no reason why the same approach would not work to address the bikie wars and gang problems here in South Australia,” he said.

Source: Esri Australia