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Andre Doumitt named Geosemble President and COO

El Segundo, USA, October 10, 2007: Robert Landes, CEO of geospatial data integration company Geosemble announces the appointment of Andre Doumitt as company President and Chief Operating Officer, effective October 8, 2007. Geosemble provides technology to automatically and accurately fuse satellite, aerial and road network maps with virtually any online data repository to create decision-ready knowledge.

Doumitt previously served in a variety of executive management positions at BAE Systems, the USD 25 billion dollar defence and electronics company that, among other capabilities, provides integrated digital and terrain profile map products and integrated GPS/inertial navigation for military aircraft.

“Andre’s multi-disciplinary experience in technology management and new business development makes him ideally qualified to bring our map conflation technologies to market,” says Geosemble CEO Robert Landes. “I am confident in Andre’s leadership in both identifying new markets and guiding our technology teams to address the needs of those markets.”

“Geosemble’s ability to automatically align map imagery with virtually any data repository has far reaching applications in the private as well as government sector,” says Geosemble’s new President and COO, Andre Doumitt. “From highly targeted sales leads to up to the minute, multi-layered market intelligence, I look forward to working with our talented technical team in expanding our market opportunities and technology partnerships in the months and years ahead.”