AND offers US map for Navigation

AND offers US map for Navigation


The Netherlands: AND Automotive Navigation Data released their first digital map of the US. The map is now available for commercial use. It contains all roads, streets, cities and villages. It is a vector-based digital road map, optimised for geocoding and reversed geocoding, route planning, time-distance calculations and optimization studies.

Geocoding is the process of finding geographic coordinates from geographic data, such as street addresses or zip codes (postal codes). With these coordinates the features can be shown on a map. The new map can be used by online companies, social networks, blogs etc for geocoding, routing and map viewing.

Maarten Oldenhof, Chief Executive Officer, AND, said, “The finalisation of the digital map of the US proves that AND is committed to developing new maps. I believe this proves that our independent position works out successfully. We want to expand our portfolio and we are willing and able to invest in product development. Large clients support this strategy.”

Source: AND