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Ancient hunting tools discovered in Canada

Canada:  Melting ice in Canada’s Mackenzie Mountains has revealed a treasure trove of ancient tools used to hunt caribou and other prey, researchers announced Tuesday. Satellite imagery of the mountains was analysed to locate and examine ice patches.

“The implements are truly amazing,” said Tom Andrews, an archaeologist with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife and lead researcher on the International Polar Year Ice Patch Study.
The tools were discovered in patches of ice where caribou have gathered for millennia to escape heat and insects, abandoned in layers of dung and annual deposits of ice by ancient hunters who followed the animals to these icy oases. Biologists involved in the project are examining dung for plant remains, insect parts, pollen and caribou parasites. Others, meanwhile, are studying DNA evidence to track the lineage and migration patterns of caribou.

Source: Cosmos Magazine