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An Australian MODIS meeting

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Sensor) is a sensor on board both of NASA EOS platforms TERRA and AQUA. It has had the distinction to date of having a Direct Broadcast (DB) facility. X-Band stations at Alice Springs, Hobart and Perth have been acquiring MODIS DB data. With the launch of AQUA a number of other sensors will be accessible through the DB facility. However, there are many new and useful sensors on the two platforms.

The Australian MODIS Meeting is being organised to inform people of the current activity and seek input on the best way to capitalize on opportunities. It will also inform people of the wide range of data products and opportunities that the two NASA platforms provide as well as providing a forum for the current providers of products to describe their work. There is also an opportunity now to coordinate some of the basic choices in these data sets and their processing. The workshop will aim to facilitate this choice as far as possible.