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An ‘alternative gazetteer’ of Great Britain

UK: As emergency service control rooms become centralised, there is a risk that they will lose local knowledge and could be confused by callers who use “location lingo” when phoning in with reports of incidents. That is why Ordnance Survey (OS) is investigating the building of an “alternative gazetteer” that would include many nicknames and pet names, which could include, for example, a popular name for a road junction or bridge.

To deal with this location lingo issue, OS has partnered with the English Project to collect peoples’ pet names. “We are throwing a very wide net in this national trawl for what we call Location Lingo,” said Bill Lucas of the English Project.

“Projects like Location Lingo can provide us with useful research data to help answer these questions. Organisations like the emergency services rely on our information when responding to 999 calls, so by having the most complete set of ‘unofficial’ names we could help the emergency services quickly locate the right place, and maybe even save lives.,” said Glen Hart, Head of Research at OS.

“Such knowledge can also help improve Internet searches as well as in recognising the importance that such names enjoy among local communities,” Hart added.

Anyone wishing to submit their own Location Lingo is invited to visit the project’s website – www.locationlingo.net – where they can add their contribution directly onto an interactive OS map built using the OS OpenSpace API. Alternatively, people can follow the English Project on Twitter at @TheEnglishProj and tag their tweet with #localing.

Source: Ordnance Survey